Posted on Apr 4, 2018

Life Script Mental Health Counseling Services PLLC

#metoo, #sexualabuse, #rape, #trauma, #ptsd

Have you been the victim of sexual abuse, molestation, rape or other form of sexual harassment? Most people who have experinece some form of PTSD and whether the level of PTSD is clinical or not is not as important as how it is affecting your life.

Anniversary dates will trigger a variety of symptoms like bad #memories resurfacing, having #nightmares or #flashbacks, unexplained #anxiety, poor #sleep, #hypervigilance, outbursts of #anger and more. If you are experiencing these or other symptoms, help is available.

History has shown that traditional methods of therapy and counseling have a poor track record of resolving these issues. If they really worked #veterans from current and previous wars would no longer be experinecing problems. Many #Vietnam Vets are still experinecing daily challenges from PTSD.

Conversly, #Energy Psychology methods like #EFT have proven considerably more effective in less time and with lasting outcomes. This has been documented by research conducted by the #Veterans Stress Project and other research projects.

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